Sunday, January 13, 2008

Write a book!

Is there a book inside you? 81 percent of Americans say yes.[1] With so many people having the desire to see their story in print, why does only a small percentage pick up the pen and write? Maybe it’s because writing and publishing a book seems like such an immeasurable task. But with proper direction, all writers have the ability to see their story in book form. "A Book Inside, Writing, publishing, and selling your story" is a new book to be released in 2008 by author Carol Denbow. The book will guide you through the process of writing and formatting your story, explain the pros and cons of all types of publishing and show you how to go about the process, then show you the best and most unique ways to sell your book.
You’re not alone in this venture, there are about 195,000 new titles published in the U.S. each year-is yours next?
[1] Jerrold Jenkin, Jenkins Group, (May 15, 1999).

Watch for the release of this valuable tool

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